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The Art Of Living Sustainably

Like you, we’re still on our journey,

so let's walk together.

Sustainable living or living sustainably means you've decided that quality matters. You choose hand-made, small-batch, more durable goods instead of things that tear or break shortly after you buy them. You've returned to your roots, looking for unique pieces and products made by real people.

Like you, we choose craftspeople over mass-production, all-natural over genetically-modified and people over profit. We believe the simple actions we take today can have a huge and positive impact on tomorrow.

The future of our planet is something that we are all accountable for, so let’s make responsible choices for the people we love, the communities we serve and the planet we share.

Girl Peeking Over Basket

Our Vision For A Better Tomorrow.

Our main aim is to make furnishings with the highest respect for both humans and nature. 

We are disconnected from one another and the planet. The current pandemic is a direct result of the breakdown in the relationship between humans and nature. We have a rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to reset ourselves on a more sustainable path. How can we restart our lives after Covid-19 in a less stressful, greener and more sustainable way?

Pushing the pause button has allowed us to find joy in simpler things. We were all in this rat race of wanting everything faster, and not being prepared to wait for anything. Now, we have to wait for everything, and we’re asking questions like, 'what the urgency was for?' and 'when did retail become obsession?'. So much of that has been brought into focus. And we’re not just reconnecting with ourselves and each other; we’re reconnecting with nature.


Designing A Sustainable Future 


We don't hold all the answers, we need your help and input to continuously improve. If you're here, you're already on your way to living a more ethical and sustainable life. We are certainly here to make it easier for you. We would also like to help you as much as we can with resources on how to ditch fast fashion, single use plastics and minimise your footprint. It's time we do our due diligence as consumers to ensure we support companies who pay fair wages, have transparent practices as well as those who use eco-friendly processes. 


Ethical Made Easy

Eco Challenges

45 Sustainability Resources You Need to Know



Too Good To Go App

UK’s Fashion Rental App


 Style With Soul And Transparency

Today, it is possible for us to be completely transparent in our processes and supply chain. Our aim is to take you through each step of the design and creation process, to ensure you come out feeling empowered and educated to make the correct decisions for you.

Read more on our design practices here

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