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For newborn babies, this is a must have nursery item. The Dodoeɛ Changing Basket is made from natural and sustainable materials with a dark brown varnish. Each basket is lovingly hand woven by artisans in Ghana. The artisan uses natural and sustainable rattan. This natural material has bamboo-like robustness that provides long-lasting sustainability and durability. The Dodoeɛ Change Basket is sturdy and hardwearing with small round handles.

Chika & Co. has ethically sourced artisans to make each basket, taking roughly a week to create. The dimensions given are approximate since each basinet is individually handwoven. 

Dodoeɛ Changing Basket

  • Handmade: All of our items are handmade by our artisans and may have slight variations, flaws as the natural materials used can vary in colour. These variations make every piece unique and no piece will ever be identical.

    Product Care: Wipe down with a damp cloth. Our basinets are water resistant due to the nature of the materials. They can also be reshaped if needed, simply soak affected areas with water and lightly mold with your hands. For Vegans, please see our non leather version, The Adjo Basinet. If you have damaged the goods yourself, or you have failed to take proper care of the goods we may not be able to provide you with a repair, refund or replacement.



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